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 See below for many common inquiries. If you need more help just drop us a line or send an email.

Can I measure my windows and get a quote based on my measurements?
Unforunately not. We need one of our installers to take the measurement. If there is stucco, we have to cut it away (it’s a tough, dirty job!). If you have vinyl siding, we have to peel it off. When we stick a window in an opening, is it a 2” x 4” or 2 x 6 wall or did some DIY guy add some insulation to the inside and the outside? You need to know how deep your window sill is so that you can put the right jam extension on it to finish it nicely. Does it have a brick mold? That means something to us too.
Can you fix window screens or patio screen doors?

Yes we can.  Sometimes it’s easier to drop off the defective screen or door and we can either fix it or make a duplicate for you.  

When will you order my product?

We do require a 50% deposit on your order before we can order in the supplies for your job.

How do I pay for my order?

You can either call in with a Visa or M/C in order to make payment.  Or you are welcome to come in person to make payment of cash, cheque, Visa or M/C.  We also accept e-transfers.

Does my whole window need to be replaced - frame and all?

When our qualified staff comes to take measurements, he will tell you whether or not you need a complete window replacement or if you can have a sealed unit installed instead.

What is the difference between a sealed unit and a window?

A sealed unit is the glass or glazing part of a window that sits inside the frame. The sealed unit usually consists of two or three panes of glass with sealed air or gas in between the layers.  A window is the entire unit – not just the glass.

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